Are You A Shoe Expert, Think Again!

Assortment of Men's Shoes
Photo by: Paul Stevenson, Creative Commons

Like clothes and other accessories, there are also varied and different shoe styles. You think you know all there is to know about shoes, but there are a lot of shoe styles worn by people, but actually don’t know how to call them. Whether you like closed shoes, or sandals, flats, or with heels, they fall under different categories of shoe styles.

The following are the common types of shoes for men and women.

1. Pumps – most popular style of women’s shoes. Pumps have close backs, and fronts that are cut low. They may have open toes, peep toes, round toes, pointy toes or square toes.

2. Boots – are also one of the classics that never go out of style. They can either be high-cut or low cut.

3. Strapped shoes – these are shoes that may have single or multiple straps that wraps around the ankle. When they are filled with embellishments such as strings or ribbons, they are called “wrap shoe”.

4. Clogs – they have closed toes and open backs, also referred to as mules. But these two differ in the soles and heels. The soles of clogs are made from wood while its heels are platform type.

5. Mary Jane – shoes that are styled after children’s shoes. Its trademark is the strap that closes the middle top of the food.

6. Peep toe shoes – from the word itself, it has an opening that lets you show a part of your toes. The difference between peep toe shoes to open shoes is that in peep toes shoes, only a small portion of the toes are exposed.

7. Stilettos – shoes that have pointy, thin and high heels.

8. Wedges – shoes with solid and thick heels.

Those are the most common types of shoes for women.

Men have also their own sets of stylistic shoes. They include:

1. Athletic Shoes – usually made with rubber, perfect for running and walking.

2. Boat Shoes – designed to provide grip on wet surfaces. Made of leather with rubber soles.

3. Dress Shoes – a formal type of shoes. They are typically used in special occasions such as parties evening parties and dance. They are made of leather which comes in black or cordovan in color. Some examples of these are loafers, brogues, and oxfords.

4. Sandals – men have their own version of sandals. Sandals are light open shoe that is held on by straps across the instep or around the heel or ankle.

There are also those that can be worn by either men or women such as clogs, sandals, loafers, boots and moccasin. So there you have it, the quick guide to different shoe styles. So next time you shop, you’ll know which pair of shoes to buy.

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