Athletes Foot

Despite its name, Athlete’s Foot is an infection which does not only affect your feet but all the parts of your body. Athlete’s Foot is caused by a fungus belonging in the genus Trichophyton. This fungus mostly affects the body parts which are usually moist. This is the reason why your feet are the most susceptible to Athlete’s Foot. This infection is normally characterized by scales and flakes on the skin along with itchiness.

Athlete’s Foot is a skin disease you can get from other people, meaning it is communicable. The fungus responsible for the disease usually stays in wet and moist areas. Places like the swimming pools, bath houses and spas are mostly where this fungus can be found especially if you are with another person affected with the skin disease. Walking barefoot in these places can really communicate you the disease. Sweating a lot can even strengthen the risk of getting this disease.

Athlete’s Foot commonly develops in an athlete, hence the name. This is because athletes are almost always wearing their shoes from day to night. Their feet are always damp because of the shoes and everyday practice. And since the fungi develop in moist areas such as the sweaty feet of an athlete; the term Athlete’s Foot is born.

You can prevent acquiring an Athlete’s Foot by:

  • Making sure your feet are always dry.
  • Wearing shoes that allow your feet to breathe.
  • Using talcum powder for you body and feet if necessary.
  • Changing your socks everyday.
  • Avoiding walking barefoot in wet places.
  • Avoiding public swimming pools and bath houses.

However, if you have not prevented getting Athlete’s Foot, there are still treatments you can apply on the affected area of your skin. There are now several over-the-counter medications you can purchase. In just a few weeks, you can have your clear skin again. Adding to these medications, the best treatment for an Athlete’s Foot is good personal hygiene. Practicing good hygiene is a surefire way to clear your skin of most skin diseases such as the Athlete’s Foot.

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