Bikini Line Hair Removal

Why laser hair removal is preferred for Bikini Line? As we know that laser treatment is mostly preferred for bikini line hair removal as it gives long lasting effect after hair removal unlike other methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Second positive feature of laser hair removal is that it is painless. We had started listening laser hair removal phrase recently, but the use of laser in unwanted hair removal is not new. Laser was started being used many years ago for hair removal. Laser therapy was firstly experimented for hair removal some 21 years ago and became available for consumers in the mid nineties. Not only laser, but at that time were also using a xenon flash lamp which used to emit rays IPL (intense pulse light) to remove unwanted hairs. Other areas where laser can be used are to remove facial hair, underarms, upper lips, arms, legs, chest, back and age spots. Laser hair removal is very simple technique which uses laser energy and transforms that into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicles or hair root leaving the rest of surrounding skin area unchanged. This unique feature of laser hair removal reduces hair growth and even stops hair growth for some people.

Bikini line hair removal

Let’s come to the point and talk about the popular area known as bikini line. In a survey out of 100 percent, 80 percent of consumers go for bikini line hair removal. Daily changes in trends of fashion, personal grooming and beauty are forcing us to adapt. Let’s take a very simple example of bathing suits. Bathing suits had become high-end in the fashion even with higher bikini lines. Swim wear or swimming costume is now a multi-trillion dollar business that competing trendy handbags, scarves or shoes. Women normally pay up to $250 for a good designer and sexy bikini. After paying such a huge amount they don’t want a single extraneous hair should spoil the look of such a costly and appealing bikini. So to keep the beauty of such a costly bikini woman has to go for hair removal. Now we can’t say that just to preserve beauty of bikini we should make maintenance bikini line a full time activity or occupation.

Just to avoid this woman use to go for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is perfect for bikini lines as it eliminates or permanently reduces the hair growth and keeps you free from the weekly process of hair removing. You must have noticed that I had mentioned that laser hair removal can reduce hair removal or even give permanent removal of hair. I had used this thing because results of laser hair removal totally depends on you skin color and hair color. Dark hair and light skin are perfect for laser hair removal as the hairs are clearly visible and no hair can be missed while removal. Please consult your dermatologist before going for bikini line hair removal. Everybody likes to go to beaches when beach season rolls around. Now I think you will prefer that you don’t have to do same process of waxing your bikini again and again to take full enjoyment at beaches and you would certainly go for laser hair removal to enjoy more on beaches without embarrassment. Laser hair removal is such a technique that it reduces hair growth or even stops the hairs from growing with just few sessions. Just 3-4 sessions are required to stop or reduce hair growth, but as I said above skin and hair color matters a lot. So don’t forget to consult to your doctor before going for laser hair removal. So what are you waiting for women’s, just consult your doctor and get rid from unwanted bikini line hairs.

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