Can You Use Soap to Wash Your Hair?

Shampoo Soap at a Hotel
Photo by: roland, Creative Commons

Some people use normal soap to wash their hair. It’s true. There are people who do not use shampoo or conditioner, and instead use normal soap to cleanse their hair. You might wonder, can you really use soap for your hair? Of course, you can!

There are ingredients in soaps that make it great to use as a shampoo bar. Handcrafted bar soaps are wonderful. They are gentler and contain natural glycerin which promotes moisture. Your hair will have more bounce and will feel healthier. Soaps typically contain castor oil and/or Shea butter. It really gives great lather.

When you use soap to wash your hair, you can actually feel no residue that’s left on your hair. It rinses out completely and leaves hair squeaky clean. It is best to use natural handcrafted soaps rather than commercial soaps. Because sometimes commercial soaps leave residue on your hair.

Soaps with olive oil and castor oil will provide a good conditioning for your hair and scalp. You’ll also discover that it rinses out fast.

Some people have tried liquid soaps for their hair and they work as good as the bar soaps. Liquid Castile soap is a favorite. This is a soap made by the saponification of olive oil and only glycerin is left in. It surely proves to be an efficient degreasing agent for the hair and the skin.

As with the human skin, we also have different hair types. And as always, your own experience will prove to be your best guide to almost everything. You will have to find out for yourself what product would best suit you. Some products could work for me but not for other people. It is always wise to consider your hair type.

Some recommendations may not come with a professional point of view; they are just based on a consumer’s experience.

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