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You Get What You Pay For!

You Get What You Pay For!

Smells have been shown to evoke memories that have strong emotional qualities. The sense of smell is critical for the existence of almost all creatures. As for fragrances lovers, Designer fragrances are expensive, but they are unique with the highest quality ingredients. And it is also worthwhile. It takes over a ton of flower petals to make one pound of rose oil. It costs nearly four thousand dollars for those rose petals, plus the cost to add other essential oils, and the cost of the manufacturing process. So if you want to wear unique perfumes, making you feel more confident in any situation, you should have a try on a designer fragrance.

The Differences Between Designer & Fake Perfumes

It is no denying that the ingredients contained in designer fragrances are super to those in the ordinary perfumes. Designer perfumes use high quality ingredients, found in nature. As a result, their perfumes last longer since they use so much of the main natural ingredients. On the contrary, fake perfumes use just enough of the true ingredient, and then use fillers, such as butane, to fill the bottle. Another feature of designer fragrance is its longevity. Fake fragrances smell good initially, but evaporate quickly. Once applied, the inferior fake scent won't last as long as the true designer fragrance, since true designer perfumes use the greater portion of true ingredients, and less filler. Fake perfumes use the majority of fillers, which creates an inferior scent that will dissipate quickly. Fake fragrances will gradually change the scents. Whether you apply a designer perfume or the knockoff version, your body oils mix with the product, and the scent will change. Since fake perfumes are comprised mostly of manmade fillers, they are not designed to mix with your body's natural oils. When they evaporate, all they leave is an oily residue on the skin. If you're wearing the real perfume, it is designed to compliment your natural body oil scent and the new aroma smells delicious.

You Get What You Pay For

So, when should you pay more for a designer fragrance? The answer is obvious. When you want to feel more confident and in control in the office, sexy and alluring in the bedroom, or light and carefree at the park, wear a designer fragrance. The only good thing about a knockoff version of a designer fragrance is the price, and that's just an illusion.

Trade In Your Research Time To Find The Best Deals

However, you can have a look in some discount stores or websites where offer a variety of designer perfume fragrances as well as designer cologne fragrances at fairly low prices. You can browse through those websites to find the designer perfume fragrance or the designer cologne fragrance you are looking for at a price that you can afford. Generally, such collection of designer perfumes and designer colognes has been put together to satisfy women and men of all walks of life. So, if you are looking for a designer perfume or designer cologne for professional wear, casual wear or that romantic night interlude, I am sure you will find what you need.

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