Different Types of Footwear

Men Army Boots
Photo by: Jayel Aheram, Creative Commons

Manufacturing shoes started thousands of years ago. Even the most ancient people needed shoes to protect their feet from different weather conditions. Before, shoes were only made from dried grasses and straws. But as time passed by, people became more creative. People learned how to experiment with design and styles. And so, different types of footwear have emerged.

There are different types of footwear. Some are open, some are closed, and some are peep-toes. Some are strapped, some are heeled, and some are wedged. Today, you will learn more about the different types of foot wears.

One of the most popular types of footwear is boots. Boots are made for both men and women. Boots may be high cut or low cut. Some of the common types of boots are combat boots which are commonly used in the military and cowboy boots which are perfect for hiking and in other outdoor activities. Also, there are motorcycle boots, derby boots, and those fashionable boots. Boots never go out of style. But it can either make or break your outfit. You have to be careful which outfits you’d pair up with your boots. The best thing though, about boots is that they protect both the feet and the ankle.

Dress shoes are the ones worn in formal events. The ones you wear with dresses, tuxedo, and coat and tie. They are usually dark-colored. Some examples are shoes loafers and brogues. As for the women, theirs are usually made with heels. Those who work in the professions of business, politics and law also often wear these.

Sandals are worn by both men and women. These are perfect for those who are laidback and are always after comfortableness. Sandals may be flip flops, slides, or chacos. They are usually worn during warm weathers. People from South Africa and Philippines usually wear them.

Athletic shoes are those usually made of rubber, plastic and fabric. They are perfect for running or walking, and in doing sports and recreational activities. They have features to suit in athletic tracks.

Some other types of foot wears are pumps, wedges, mary janes, and clogs. In some conditions, you would also need some specific footwear. Examples of these are ballet shoes, climbing shoes, ski boots and flippers. So there you have it, the different types of footwear. Now you know which ones to wear every time you go out.

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