Discover 10 Other Uses of Soap

Bar Soaps with Etched Leaves
Photo by: soapylovedeb, Creative Commons

Chemists define it as a by-product of boiling sodium salts of fatty acids. But to us, it is simply a soap to wash off dirt. Have you ever wondered where else can we use soap aside from showering?

That idea brings us to this article. Here you will find 10 simple ideas of soap uses.

1. Detect gas leaks: Mix liquid soap with water then rub the solution on a suspect pipe. When bubbles form, you may have a gas leak.
2. Drive nails easily: Rub the nail shank on a bar of soap to make nails slide easier on the wood.
3. Remove wallpaper glue easier: Mix liquid soap with warm water. Using a sponge, scrub the walls with the solution, your old wallpaper will come off easily.
4. Drive away garden bugs: Keep garden bugs away from plants by mixing liquid soap and water and spray it on the leaves’ undersides.
5. Clean window sills: You can run the wet edge of a bar soap along your window sills to wipe away the dirt.
6. Stuck zippers: You can rub a bar of soap along the zipper’s teeth to loosen it.
7. Remove a broken bulb: If a bulb breaks while it is still screwed in, do not attempt to remove it with your bare hands. First turn the power off. Insert the corner of a large, dry soap bar into the socket. Give it a few turns and that bulb will unscrew in no time.
8. Tired of dog fleas?: Try putting a few drops of dish soap and water on a plate. Then position the plate on the floor next to a lamp. Fleas will be attracted to the light and they will jump on the plate and eventually drown.
9. Use it as car freshener: Place a little piece of your favorite-smelling bath soap in a mesh bag and hang it from your rear view mirror.
10. Keep stored clothes smelling fresh:
Stack your favorite scented soap bar into closet to keep those seasonal clothes smelling fresh or tuck it in your luggage for sweet-smelling clothes when you travel.

So what are you waiting for? Put these tips to the test right away. You’ll be surprised at how a simple soap could make your life easier.

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