Easy Tips for Taking Make Up Off

Lady Removing Make Up
Photo by: Rev Stan, Creative Commons

Wearing make up is necessary for most women, especially those who are working in a corporate setting or those who go to school. However, once you are at home, you should remove your make up off your face to allow your face to breathe. After being covered with a layer of cosmetic products all day, your facial pores and skin need to breathe.

Once you arrive home or before going to bed, it is important to remove your make up to allow your facial pores and skin to breathe. Here are some tips for taking off make up.

• One tip for taking off make up is to remove your make up gently. Do not rub on your face briskly as this may hurt your face and may even cause damage. You can dab on, wipe, wash, or steam your face but do not rub.
• The first thing that you should do is to remove your eye make up. Eye make up requires special attention. Apply the make up remover on your eyes. Do it gently. You do not want the make up remover and your eye make up to go into your eyes.
• Another tip for taking off make up is steam your face to open and clean the pores. Cover your head with a towel and steam your face near hot water. The stem will open your facial pores and will remove dirt and traces of make up that has been inside your pores. If you do not remove these from your pores, they will cause skin breakouts or pimples.
• Remove your lipstick and lip liner using petroleum jelly. Apply the petroleum jelly on your lips and wipe your lips with a clean tissue.
• Wash your face using a gentle face wash. Remove all traces of make up on your face. Wash your face with cool water to close the pores. Finally, apply moisturizer on your face to hydrate your skin.

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