Eczema on the arms
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Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis is the condition of the skin where it is flaky, dry, itchy and red. The cause of this is lack of immunity of your skin because of not enough moisture. This kind of disease would not be cured over night. It is one of those chronic diseases. Anyone, from any age group, could get this but majority of the victims of this disease are babies and infants. So make sure to take care of your baby’s skin and be careful about the food that you are going to feed her.

So what are the symptoms of this chronic disease? It is good that you know these so you would know when to consult a dermatologist. A sudden discoloration of your skin can be one symptom. There is no need to panic when you see some uneven colors on your skin but monitoring it is not bad either. The secret here is to always check every part of your skin and body. Next is flaking and scaling of your skin. Another is itchiness and forming of blisters. After a while, due to constant scratching, your skin will get thickened. In a matter of time you can already feel this thickened part. Panicking would not get you anywhere but if seeing a doctor would make you sleep at night, then go and consult a doctor.

Since Eczema is a chronic disease, curing it is a hard thing to do but you can do something to at least control it from itching and swelling. Because this is caused by lack in moisture, the first thing that you should do is moisturize and clean it everyday. You should use hypoallergenic products and make sure that everything is recommended by your trusted dermatologist. Another thing that can trigger this is your allergies so avoid those foods where you have allergies. To ease itchiness you can also take antihistamines. Doctors can also prescribe you if you need to undergo medication. Just be careful about it. Do not try those medicines that are claiming that they can cure eczema without consulting your doctor.

Causes of Eczema

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