Everyday vs. Occasional Use—Tips for Applying Make Up

You are probably one of those women who do not know the difference between applying make up for everyday vs. occasional use. This is the common problem of most women. Since they do not know how to apply the right make up, they usually end up looking inappropriate for the occasion.

There are a few things that you should consider when applying make up for everyday vs. occasional use. Here are some of the things that you should consider.

• Facial Make Up. For everyday use, you should just use liquid foundation and concealer to hide blemishes and dark spots. If you really want to feel comfortable, loose powder will do. Just make sure you apply it evenly on your face. You can also wear light blush on to give colors to your cheeks. For occasional use, you can try wearing foundation with shimmer especially if you are going out at night. Wearing blush on and concealer is also a must.
• Eye Make Up. You do not want to wear heavy eye make up on every day use. You can use clear mascara to enhance your eye lashes. Or a natural colored eye liner. You can also use eye shadow but make sure it looks natural. For occasional use, you can try on different eye make ups in rich colors. Make sure that they complement your skin color. You can also add glitters around your heavily lined eyes for a more dramatic look.
• ¬Make Up for the Mouth. You can wear nude or light colored lipstick for daily use. There are some women who only use lip gloss, especially students. For occasional use, you can go for darker or brighter colors like red and chocolate brown for a sexier look. You should also apply lip liner around your lips to make sure that they are shaped like full and bow-shaped lips.

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