Frostbitten hands
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Frostbite is a kind of illness that you can get from cold. It would start from small bumpy skins but it would soon turn into blisters. This illness can be classified in to two categories. The first one is superficial and the other one is deep frostbite. These two classifications are described with two different symptoms. The first category is when there are patches that are color yellow or gray.

These will soon be red and flaky. For the latter one, skin seems waxy and blisters would soon be formed. Your skin would also feel stiff and numb when you get this. Sometimes, frostbite is accompanied by hypothermia. Do not underestimate this because it might caused death especially if happens together with hypothermia. This is a very severe case so you should know how to do first aid.

Now, if you feel any symptoms of this, you should now keep yourself warm. These are the things that you should do. Just stay calm so you could do things properly. You should tear off the part of clothing where the frostbite is. You could now put the affected part into warm water or put a warm compress. After that you can cover it with a clean, sterilized piece of garment or gauze and please do not use alcohol. Stop yourself from touching it because this might only lead to complication. As much as possible, do not move it also. This is only a first aid, a temporary treatment so it is still best to call a doctor.

Prevention is still better than cure so remember to wear something that will keep you warm during rainy, snowy and other cold days but do not wear too fitted clothing. During these days, you should always drink something warm and eat something healthy. If it is possible, it is better to just stay at home during these cold days. Too much intake of alcohol could also cause you frostbites so drink moderately or do not drink at all especially when the temperature is so low. You could always have fun but do not forget to be extra careful at times like this. You can never be so sure. Frostbite during snowy days would cut-off the fun.

How To Treat Frostbite

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