How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eyes Are The Gateway Into Our Soul

Eyes Are The Gateway Into Our Soul

Eyes are windows into our soul. Many of us come to realize that eyes are the most essential part of the makeup on the face, which are focal points for the rest of your makeup. Sparkling, beautiful eyes are the best assets a woman can have. If done right, the make up of the eyes will lure in those that look at you. In order to have fine makeup of our eyes, you may consult the internet since there are countless eye tips that can be considered, which may educate and entice you to some extent. No matter what fashion trend you are pursuing or what beauty style you prefer, there are eye makeup tips that will allow you to be the very best at it.

Blending Is Important In Eyes Makeup

Eyes are the most prominent feature, the face and beautiful eyes can attract everyone’s attention. Badly applied eye make-up can ruin the entire look. One ground rule is that you should never overdo any sort of makeup and so with the eyes. Even though eyes are essential in doing make up, you should design your makeup together as a whole. From your eyes to your lipstick and everything in between, all has to work together. Otherwise, you will get a funny look by exaggerating only on the eyes.Eye cosmetics are important too and you should learn about those products including how to choose them and apply them. These beauty and toiletries are meant to help you to learn the proper selection of cosmetics that will benefit you overall. Generally speaking, we commonly use eye creams, eyebrow enhancers, mascara, eyeliner, false eyelashes, concealers and eye makeup remover.

How To do Simple Yet Beautiful Eyes Makeup

1. If you ask me how to put on eye makeup, choosing a good position and apply eyeliner will be my first reply. Beginners should choose a self sharpening pencil because a proper care and practice is required for liquid liner. Self sharpening pencil is preferred because it is softer then regular pencils. Have a magnifying mirror in front of you to give you a better view. Sit down at the dressing table, lean on your right elbow, holding the brush lightly between your fingers. For correct application of the eyeliner, dip the brush into the bottle and drain off the excess. Half close your eye and start from the middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Then, start from the inner corner of the eye to the middle. Spread it evenly so that there are no rough strokes. If you like, you can thicken the line at the outer edge of the eyes.

2. The next step in applying eye makeup is the eyebrow. For a perfect eyebrow, I recommend you to use a pencil. Generally speaking, your eyebrow should start where the pencil makes an alignment with the outer edge of your lip and the inner corner of your eye. It should end at the alignment formed along the outer edge of your lip and the outer corner of your eye. Always pluck stray hair from underneath the brow, never from the above because doing so will ruin the shape of the brows. For a round face, you should have long and slightly arched eyebrows; for a square face, what you need is not a straight line but a gently arched curve; for a rectangular face, the same as the square face, except that it should start as a straight line and the curve should begin at the center of the eye; for a pear-shaped face, you should widen the forehead with rather straight eyebrows, not too long.

3. Applying eye mascara is also an important part of eye makeup. The mascara you choose must not pour or disintegrate; they must be made of natural wax, without fibbers to lengthen the lashes. So, always prefer branded product. In addition, the eye mascara you choose is not necessary to be of the same color as that of eye liner, but it must suit your complexion. If your lashes are short, you may consider using a lash curler before applying mascara. In general, two coats of mascara are used, waiting four to five minutes for each application to dry. Using a brush or wand, distribute the mascara evenly from roots to ends. A lash comb may be used to remove any clumps that are left. You can apply mascara on your eyes in a couple of moments or so. This will high light your eyes by giving more definition to your eye lashes. Remember that the mascara you apply should be complementary to the clothes you wear and it needs to be dusted softly to bring your eyes out.

4. Eye color can be applied in a few moments as well. If you do not have enough time to put eye color, mascara by itself is good enough. Eye shadows are available in cream, liquid, powder and pencil form. Apply the shadow with a brush. Blend it over the lid and fade away the edges at the outer corner of your eyes.

The Basics To Healthy Eyes

Having healthy eyes is extremely important. Health care is a must and always should come first. Find ophthalmology help that you need and healthy remedy solutions you must have to deal with wrinkles, puffy and baggy eyes, and the red eyes many of us face. To have healthy eyes, you should eat fresh and natural food with enough of Vitamin A and C and take special care in the choice of eye make-up. Never use make-up that can irritate and harm the eyes and try to avoid spending too much time in smoky rooms and don't neglect a check-up on a regular basis. Regular visit to eye doctor will detect any eye problem in its early stages which will make treatment easy and successful. Given some attention and regular checkups, beautiful eyes will sparkle.

Make-up can adorn your beauty only if it is applied very carefully. Eye is a part of your body and beauty. How to do eye makeup? You should keep in mind that making the eyes come alive is a real art which deserves your great efforts and caution.

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