Is Hair Straightening Safe?

Straightening your own hair.
Photo by: Beebit., Creative Commons

Choosing a hairstyle depends on one’s personality and moods. It may be easy to style your hair, but it is harder when you want your curly hair to be straight. With the advanced methods used in the industry, everything is possible. You can get shiny and sleek hair after a few minutes of undergoing the re-bonding process. You can get healthier scalp and hair through hot oil, and there are other methods that you can use to improve your hairstyle.

If you are tired of your curly locks and you feel its time to get these straightened out, there are various processes to choose from. What is hair straightening, is it good? The process is generally called hair straightening, except in Southeast Asia, where this is known as re-bonding. This flattens and straightens the hair strands. After the process, your hair will look streamlined, smoother and sleek. This can be done with the use of hot combs, chemical relaxers, and hair irons. There are other solutions that are popular; these include Brazilian and Japanese hair straightening solutions. Temporary solutions are also available, through the use of shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for this purpose.

The use of irons and hot combs on your hair result as a temporary fix on the texture of your hair. For a permanent change, there are other methods that include the use of relaxers are employed. There is also a drug that affects the hair follicles that result to a permanent change on the hair texture of an individual. This drug is known as the interferon alpha.

The result may be great, but you have to remember that these hair straightening methods can cause a breakdown on the hydrogen bonds of the hair. These bonds cause the curls of the hair. You have to make sure that you consult a professional who knows the right kinds of chemicals and tools to apply. You can also look into other advanced methods that can cause less heat damage and can make the process easier and faster.

Japanese Hair Straightening

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