Is Paraffin Wax Worth It?

Luxurious Spa Perfect for Relaxation
Photo by: casers jean, Creative Commons

The last decade has seen the boom in the spa industry, thanks to innovative treatments such as the paraffin wax. The paraffin wax treatment is a luxurious and relaxing spa therapy that answers people’s quest for softer and smoother skin. This procedure takes advantage of the paraffin’s heat transfer and retaining capacity. Because of paraffin’s oil component, blocks of paraffin wax melt at a lower temperature than most types of wax.

The heat of which also makes it tolerable to touch. Paraffin wax also has the ability to retain heat, which makes it adept at transferring heat without losing it quickly. What goes on during paraffin wax treatment? When the paraffin wax has completely melted, hands or feet are dipped in it. The heat is not at all scalding; on the contrary, it is actually relaxing. The treatment is completed once the wax has solidified, where it is then easily peeled off.

Skin is obviously softer and smoother after even just one treatment. The softening properties of paraffin wax lie on its ability to open up pores and improve total circulation in the skin. This treatment is not only for those with dry skin, people who wish to avoid getting dry skin also seek this treatment. This is especially true with those who live in very cold weather since dry skin will make the cold even more unbearable. Some spas incorporate aromatherapy in the paraffin wax treatment by putting in fragrant oils such as chamomile, lavender and hydrangea oils.

Aside from its cosmetic purpose, paraffin wax treatment is also used in treating sore muscles. As the heat is transferred from the paraffin to the injured body part, muscles’ tightness and tension are loosened, thereby providing quick relief. What started off as a finishing touch to a manicure and a pedicure (seals in cuticles) is now a widely sought lavish spa treatment.

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