Materials Used to Make Shoes

Neatly Assorted Shoes
Photo by: mckaysavage, Creative Commons

Leather, wood, cotton, fabrics and fibers – these are just some of the primary materials used in making shoes. These are usually used as the outer layer of the shoes. But there are also other materials used to make shoes. The tools that shoe-makers invest in and the accessories that enhance your shoes. Usually, the characteristics of shoes depend on the weather conditions.

The following are the other materials used to make shoes. Some of them you can buy from shoe companies, while some of them you can make by yourself.

First up would be the shank. The shank is that piece of metal that serves as the arch support inside the shoe. You can improvise one if you can’t seem to find one out on the store. All you have to do is to cut a wire hanger and shape it to an arch. You can also recycle from old shoes.

For the lining, you would need felt. Felt is available in fabric stores. You’ll need at least three pieces of them, one for each shoe and one for the insoles. Fabric stiffeners are also needed so as to make the counters the toe of the shoe become stiff. Remember to put the paddings, small pieces of them, before soles are attached.

Heels, these are probably the most commonly known among all the parts of the shoes. You may think that shoes are just used for decorative purposes only. But actually, heels are used to improve the balance of the shoe. And just above the heels, are the counters made usually from cardboards.

The common tools used when making shoes are leather scissors, forts, hooks, eyelets and high-quality adhesives to ensure that your shoes will be secured. Sometimes, cements are used as adhesives because it is really difficult to pull apart shoe parts that are joined with cement . Buckles and treads are also used.

So there you go, your materials used to make shoes. Whatever types of shoes there are, still, the quality is the most important consideration. Always choose those that will give you the most protection and comfortableness when you wear them.

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