Nails Care Tips

Nails are made commonly of a protein called keratin. Nails are an enlargement of our skin They are produced by living skin cells in the fingers and toes and they echo our personal habits and overall health. In this way, nails are so important that they require to be taken care of correctly no matter for the purpose of beautifying or being healthy. If you do not know how to do, please read my nail tips carefully.

Food Such As Celery, Yogurt, Eggs and Seafood Are Good For Your Nails

Food Such As Celery, Yogurt, Eggs and Seafood Are Good For Your Nails

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy

A healthy nail is flat in texture and has well shaped cuticles. Good nutrition is important for healthy nails. Foods that rich in iron, calcium, vitamin B and potassium are good for your nails, such as soy products, celery, yogurt, eggs and seafood too. Drink fresh carrot juice as frequent as possible as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus and good for your nails. In order to have healthy nails, you should eat a diet composed of 50% fruit and raw vegetables in order to supply necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Eat foods rich in sulfur and silicon, such as broccoli, fish and onions. Drink plenty of water and other liquids. You may supplement your diet with royal jelly, or kelp, which are rich in silica, zinc and vitamin B that will help strengthen your nails.

Maintain Beautiful and Dry Nails

Keep your nails safe and dry so bacteria and other infectious organisms could not gather. Use moisturizing lotion daily. Apply moisturizer, such as an alpha hydroxy acid formula and remember to massage the cream into your cuticles. Moreover, wear gloves while washing dishes or working in detergent-based liquids. Correctly trim and file are important for getting healthy nails. Nails are much softer then. You can also soak your hands in a bowl of warm water before filing. Do not dig out ingrown toenails, as it can result an infection. Give your nails a treat with a 10-minute soak in olive oil or wheat-germ oil. Wipe off and massage the extra into cuticles. Cut your nails properly and minimize the use of nail polish remover. All nail polish removers are harsh on nails. Try not to use remover more than once a week. The best time to file nails is immediately after a bath.

Nail Painting An Expression of Individuality

Since nails are parts of body which expose beauty and individuality. Millions of women like nail painting. During the course of painting, you should add a top coat of clear nail polish and Use an acetone-free nail polish remover to protect the nail. Paint your nails about an hour before bedtime, leaving the messy polish on. When taking a shower the next morning, the polish will soften and peel off. Instead of painting right from the cuticle, place the brush on the nail bed about 1/8" away from the cuticle and push backwards toward it, stopping just before the skin. Any stubborn polish still left on the skin can easily be removed by rubbing it with a soft towel. Lightly buff the top of your nail near your cuticle with a fine-grained file. This will take away the top oily enamel and allow better adhesion.

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