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Regulation Are Limited In The Market of Natural Cosmetics

Regulation Are Limited In The Market of Natural Cosmetics

According to a new research,sales of natural cosmetics are projected to surpass the EUR 1 billion mark for the first time in 2008. It is said that widening availability and strengthening consumer demand is the major drive of market growth.

The Thrive For Natural Cosmetics

At the very beginning, most of the initial demand for natural cosmetics was due to consumers suffering from ailments like skin rashes and allergies. However, the interest in this product category has broadened in recent years. Many ladies are turning to natural cosmetics because they contain minimal levels of synthetic substances like parabens and petrochemicals. Others are turning to natural products because of the functionality of natural ingredients and traceability of organic ingredients. Besides, many organic food lovers like these products as they assume chemicals in cosmetics could possibly be as harmful as chemicals in foods. In fact, there is a growing awareness that we are responsible for the world in which we live, and an increasing concern for our own health. We appreciate the delicate balance of the natural world and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are nurturing to us and as harmless as possible to the earth.

The Market of Natural Cosmetics

According to Organic Monitor, the German and French markets are the fastest growing in Europe. The French market started showing high growth in 2005, and natural cosmetic sales have been booming in Germany for a number of years. The popularity of natural cosmetics with German consumers has led drugstores, organic food retailers and even discounters to launch private label products. Natural cosmetics are the most widely available and most competitively priced in the German market.

Regulation Are Limited In The Market of Natural Cosmetics

Regulation Are Limited In The Market of Natural Cosmetics

Limited Regulation In The Market of Natural Cosmetics

As a consequence of the growing demand, the availability of natural and organic cosmetics is increasing in European retailers with some launching private label products. Natural and organic cosmetics are now available in every retail network, from mass to selective and no longer restricted the specialized stores. The study finds a major barrier to market growth and consumer trust in natural cosmetics is the lack of industry regulation. Unlike organic foods, there are no national and EU regulations for natural and organic cosmetics. As a result, legitimate products are competing against conventional cosmetics that are marketed as 'natural' because they contain some natural ingredients. The inconsistency between private standards of natural & organic cosmetics is also stifling consumer demand; consumers are unable to differentiate between products that are certified by different organizations like BDIH, EcoCert or Soil Association.

Watch For Allergic Ingredients In Natural Cosmetics

The natural products become a new fashion, but it does not mean you must use them. If you can adjust the consistency of your skincare products with the season, it is enough. If you suffer from allergies, ask your dermatologist for a testing, which can pinpoint the exact chemicals that are problematic for you. Then find out which products use them and avoid them.

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