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Shaving legs
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Many men deal with facial hair by shaving. This is a normal thing that it is no longer an issue. But not the same thing can be said about women. Having facial hair for women is not common and therefore shaving is also unnatural. Whether it is facial hairs or hairs in your arms and legs that you have to deal with, shaving for women is really a big issue.

Shaving can cause rashes. You can also get cuts. It can even lead to dry and flaky skin. So how do you shave to prevent all these? Here are five tips that you can follow.

1. Always start by making the hair and the skin around it wet. Wash using warm water or wipe it with a clean washcloth soaked in warm water. Warm water makes the hairs softer for smoother and easier shaving. It also opens the pores up to ensure unhampered strokes. When the skin is dry, dead skin cells can get in the way. This can lead to wounds. With dry skin, you can nick yourself.

2. Always remember to use the best razor. Finding the right one for you can be a challenge sometimes. You may even have to resort to trial and error method. You must understand that men’s razors are different from women’s. Women’s razors have lubricated strips. Once you have found the best one for you, always remember to keep it clean. Make sure that there is no hair stuck on the blades. Having such could again lead to nicks. Also, change razors regularly. When the blades are no longer sharp, you can get wounded.

3. Use shaving creams or foams. There are creams dedicated for women’s use alone. Men’s shaving creams have strong ingredients that could irritate your skin.

4. When shaving facial hairs, the strokes must be downward. This is the direction of hair growth so follow it to avoid damaging your skin. When shaving your arms you can also do the same but when shaving your legs strokes must be upwards. Start from your ankles up.

5. After shaving, apply moisturizers. Moisturizers will prevent your skin from drying. However, if there are wounds, wash first with water.

These five tips can help you lessen the problems brought about by shaving. Follow them well to have smooth skin.

Shaving Your Legs

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