What Makes Up the Shoes You Wear?

Two Pairs of Shoes, different materials.
Photo by: ingorrr, Creative Commons

Ever wondered how shoes are made? Not only are they used for utility and protection, but nowadays, they are also used to express one’s sense of style and fashion. Do you want to know the materials used to makes shoes?

The oldest pairs of shoes were made several hundreds of years ago. From the simplest designs to the most intricate ones, shoe-making has always been one of the most successful businesses in the manufacturing industry. Whether you prefer them flat or with heels, boots or sandals, everybody loves shoes.

The common materials used to make shoes are rubber, plastic, wood, fiber and fabrics. But the most commonly used among all of these are leathers, a durable material made from animal skin.

Rubbers are usually made for athletic foot wears because they are the most flexible among all of these materials. Slippers and sandals as well may also be made with rubber. High-heeled ones are usually made with plastic and vinyl. Woods are used to make Chinese traditional footwear to ensure its quality. In sneakers, fabrics and rubber soles are both used.

But the most commonly used among them are leathers. Animal skin, whether from cows, pigs, deer and snakes are used. Those made of leather are the ones with high quality, and thus, the more expensive ones. From dress shoes, to office shoes, to school shoes and ballroom shoes, these are all made with leather. Usually, those made of leather are the ones who need more maintenance. You have to apply shoe protection in order to retain its perfect appearance. But the best thing about leather is that it is very versatile, perfect for both warm and cold seasons.

So there you have it, the materials used to make shoes. But whatever your shoes are made of, just choose the one that gives you the best protection. Pick the ones that you are comfortable with, not just the ones that you look good in. You don’t want blisters forming all over your toes, do you? And oh, shoe-making is a craft that you can also do. Who knows, you can even make one for yourself. It is a practice that is once perfected, could be very satisfying.

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